Image of woman listening to hypnosis through headphones, created in Discord by Brenda Fanning as RyvrMoon.

Hypnosis and sound healing have made so much difference for me personally, and I’m eager to share these modalities with others who are suffering. I am honored and humbled to hold this space for you, and I look forward to supporting you in your wellness journey!  ~~ Brenda Fanning, CHt 
Learn what hypnosis can do for you with a complimentary lesson in self-hypnosis. Is there something about yourself you'd like to transform or understand? Can you imagine how you would feel achieving that right now? If you’re able to imagine it, you CAN achieve it! 
Gaining confidence, improving your personal habits, reducing stress – whatever would bring you personal harmony is achievable now. Because your curiosity is already leading you to investigate hypnosis as a means of transformation, it is simply logical that your next step is to experience a session for yourself. Your desire to improve your quality of life may very well be achievable through upgrading your operating system through hypnosis. 
Your hypnotherapist is your IT specialist (your Internal Transformation specialist).** As you experience self-hypnosis or just a greater sense of relaxation, and find yourself practicing it each day, you naturally become more attuned to your subconscious and easily and effortlessly access the unlimited resources you have within yourself for change.  
"You have everything you need right in your own backyard of experience and wisdom to make all the difference for you now."  ~~ Karen Hand 
Why not simply book a session and see if hypnosis resonates for you?  You'll find it quite similar to listening to a guided meditation.   
I simply provide a gateway for you to effortlessly create your own healing. Experience an online session to realize how developing a regular practice of self-hypnosis and relaxation improves your ability to quickly achieve your goals -– boosting your comfort level when speaking in public, reducing your anxiety and stress, strengthening your weight loss and smoking cessation programs, whatever you would like to change. 
If you find your initial session helpful, additional sessions further your exploration into this healing modality, allowing you to expand to other goals you'd like to achieve. Regularly scheduled sessions take you even deeper, automatically checking in with your subconscious mind, and easily and effortlessly accessing your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual tools to steadily continue improving. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to access your deepest resources to achieve your goals for transformation. 
Subscription options are available, as well as discounts on packages of multiple sessions, here.
Contact me for more information. Turn on your sound for a sample below.

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