“Brenda is an amazing healer! During my hypnosis session I was able to see parts of myself that I needed more clarity on and feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities ever since! Highly recommend!” 
“Brenda was great. She listened to what I was needing out of the session and really helped me to achieve what I was hoping to achieve… I love that I am left with skills that I can use on a daily basis to continue my journey.” 
Most of us don’t even realize how good it feels to relax. We’re busy running and going and always ON. Let’s reach that peaceful place inside and discover just how wonderful it feels to take time for self-care in this space. 
Hypnosis and sound healing are just two of the modalities I have found that work naturally to improve our experience. 
I look forward to introducing you to these methods, and to supporting your journey to wellness. My approach is transpersonal, meaning we are working with body, mind, and spirit -- even if our ideas differ. It is my goal to respect each client's own personal ideas and understanding, and in group sessions, to have the entire group be respectful, supportive, and inclusive of each participant. 
Whatever comes up for you in these experiences is meant to be part of your transformation, and is perfect for you at that time. I am honored to guide you through the journeys and hold this space for you. 
I certainly look forward to supporting you in achieving your goals for transformation, wellness, and end-of-journey transitions! Our lives and experiences are meant to be beautiful and peaceful. It is my hope that I can contribute in my own way to relieving the suffering of others and helping them be their best selves.  
"It is a joyful experience and a great privilege to be allowed to witness and participate in this growth of awareness, this developing of harmony, this beauty of creativity."  ~~ Irene Hickman, D.O. 
Mystical Excursions offers sound bath sessions as well as hypnotherapy, privately, and for groups or corporate wellness. If you have specific questions regarding booking, please submit a request, and I will be in touch as soon as possible. 
Sign up for updates and event announcements. Reach out to discuss your events and sessions! Packages are available for those seeking regular sessions.

In Love and Light, Brenda 
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